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Surreal adventure Samorost 3 out on March 24

Point-and-click tale is by the makers of Machinarium and Botanicula

Amanita Design today announced that its strange and beautiful point-and-click adventure Samorost 3 will be launched on Windows PC and Mac on March 24.

A trailer was also released today (above), showing some of the delightful touches that brought the developers acclaim with previous games Machinarium and Botanicula. The Czech-developed game continues the stories established in Samorost (2003) and Samorost 2 (2005).

Samorost 3 follows the adventures of a space gnome and his magical flute. He searches strange biomes to discover the secret of the musical instrument.

"Our goal was to create something playful yet dense, blending the challenging logic puzzles of Machinarium with the more relaxed gameplay and tone of Botanicula," said Amanita Design founder Jakub Dvorský. "We think it offers something that both longtime fans of the series and newcomers will be able to enjoy."

The next level of puzzles.

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