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Portal Knights is a Nintendo-esque crafting RPG

Take a Legend of Zelda and add some Minecraft

Portal Knights is a Nintendo-esque action-adventure RPG from 505 Games that was launched on Steam Early Access earlier this week.

I took a look at the game —€” which is selling for $14.99 — and cut a short video (above) that touches on its main features. In Portal Knights the player inhabits a world of floating islands and moves around them in order to mine resources while crafting items and constructing buildings.

Fighting enemies and bosses, the player progresses through RPG skill trees while forging personal lodgings and items. The game begins on a benign home island which comes with a basic player hut that can be improved and extended. But players can build other structures anywhere they like.

The islands are randomly created but sit within the framework of general themes, like desert, trees or mountains. Islands are accessed by collecting or crafting blue shards and adding them to portal towers. Once an island is opened, it can be accessed anytime.

Given the game's focus on combat and exploration, there's no straight creative mode. But there is a four-player co-op mode. Portal Knights was developed by Keen Games in Germany.

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