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Dragon Front on Oculus Rift is a new world of card combat

Here's a trailer for Dragon Front on Oculus Rift, a card trading game from High Voltage. I played a demo earlier this week and found that it follows the basic rules of the genre while adding a touch of virtual reality snazz.

Board and card gaming in virtual reality is a slightly odd experience. VR purports to transport its users into spaces that feel real and all-encompassing. But board games are themselves facsimiles of the real world, presented in flattened, two-dimensional form.

Still, there are some neat VR touches in Dragon Front. Players can look at any card and bring up a 3D hologram detailing its various merits. The user-interface is easy to use, with eye-line pick-up working well, highlighting the cards and squares the player wishes to use.

Dragon Front presents a fantasy world inspired by World War II, with two armies fighting one another using magic and brute force, seeking to get a powerful hero onto the board at just the right time in order to destroy the enemy's base.

The game format is exactly the same as fantasy card games on a PC or mobile device, though in VR it completely encompasses the player's field of vision. It's like playing someone for real, except without the ability to eat and drink at the same time.

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