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Superhot developer teases 'secretive work on grand VR plans'

It's still happening!

Superhot was released yesterday — you can read our review if you're curious about the final product — and already many fans of the game are asking about support for upcoming VR devices like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

"...We are constantly working on the XBox One version of Superhot and doing secretive work on a bunch of grand VR plans," an update on the game's Kickstarter page stated. "We can't tell you too much but Superhot in VR is going to be fun, oooh so much fun..."

The game has been shown working on VR platforms in the past; Oculus included a demo of the experience in its E3 meeting room in 2015 along with Alien Isolation. It was a fun way to play the game, requiring you to dodge bullets with physical movements of your head and body.

Superhot includes virtual reality as a theme in the game itself, and there's a menu option in the game that leads to a very primitive version of Superhot that looks more like Wolfenstein 3D than anything else.

So yes, it's being worked on and we can only imagine how much fun it would be on the Vive or Rift's motion-sensing controllers. For now, enjoy it on 2D screen since, according to our review, "it perfectly blends style and substance. Its appearance is original, memorable and loud, but its ego never overtakes the bold design principles at the heart of the game."

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