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Video game releases for March 2016

Here are some of the big games coming out this month

Here are some of the big video games releases for the month of March 2016. Be sure to check out the list we put together of our most anticipated games of 2016.

What are you looking forward to playing? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

Note: Only games with specific dates are listed below. Some games are announced for March but have no date yet.

March 1:

Heavy Rain head01

Heavy Rain, (PlayStation 4) — Since November's re-release of Beyond: Two Souls on the PlayStation 4, we have been eagerly awaiting the re-release of its predecessor Heavy Rain for the opportunity to "Press X to Jason" in a higher resolution.

March 3:

Black Desert Online, (Windows PC) — If the video above doesn't sell you on the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, we don't know what will.

March 4:

LoZ:TPHD Head01

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, (Wii U) — Everybody's favorite elf, Zelda, is back with a high-definition remaster of his 2006 adventure which will include a host of new features. Be sure to read our review of the remaster.

March 8:

The Division Head01

Tom Clancy's The Division (PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One) — Over 6 million players played the open beta for Ubisoft's open-world third-person shooter. You can read what we thought of it in our review.

March 11:

Hitman Head01

Hitman, (PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One) — After canceling pre-orders and telling fans not to panic, the latest game in the Hitman series has adopted an episodic structure. Be sure to check out our review of episode one.

March 15:

UFC2 Head01

EA Sports UFC 2, (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) — The latest entry in the UFC series makes it easier than ever to kick faces with its new Knockout Mode. You can read all about kicking faces in our review.

March 18:

Pokken Head01

Pokkén Tournament, (Wii U) — Speaking of kicking faces, watch Shadow Mewtwo kick Lucario in the face in our hands-on gameplay.

March 25:

HyruleWarriors3ds Head01

Hyrule Warriors Legends, (Nintendo 3DS) — This port of the Wii U's Hyrule Warriors comes to the 3DS with extra chapters and even a brand new character. Check out Linkle in action in our gameplay video.

March 29:

MLB16 Head01

MLB 16: The Show, (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4) — Improvements in the Road to the Show career mode include a new perk system and bullet-time to give the player more control during a key situation. It will also feature a revamped menu system to streamline your experience.

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