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Find your way in Firewatch with this high-resolution, printable map

No more stumbling around in-game

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

If you've been stumbling into trees while walking with your map in Firewatch, well, the game's creators have a solution: printable, high resolution versions to lay next to you on the couch or coffee table.

Campo Santo did it on request of many Firewatch fans, and pitches it as a way to get a couch companion interested in what you're doing. I think it'd just be easier to refer to this rather than always stop and bring up the map and compass and orient myself that way. The full-size versions are at this link.

It does make a gameplay option in Firewatch a little more manageable, too. That's disabling the "show location on map" feature for the in-game map. It makes it a little more like a hike in the wilderness, relying on a compass and landmarks, though I've still walked in circles trying to find the scout camp.

There are two maps, a clean version and a textured one that's suitable for a desktop wallpaper or other decoration. Neither have Henry's scribblings as the game progresses. For the record, the shale pile is called "Shitty Boss is Going to Get Me Killed Hill." I don't care what anyone else named it.

In the PC version of the game (it's also available on PlayStation 4) Firewatch will also "develop," print and mail you physical copies of pictures taken with the disposable camera in the game. And for more virtual throwback goodness, see our feature on "Push Play," the totally 80s tune you hear by the lake.