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Here's how to use Apple headphones on your Xbox One controller

Now that Microsoft's updated Xbox One gamepads with built-in headphone jacks are in wide circulation, there are more folks than ever running into a certain frustrating issue: the headphone port doesn't seem to work with the white Apple EarPods that many of us use every day. Tragically, anyone who tries plugging Apple's earbuds into their controller expecting it to just automatically work are instead met with an earful of hideous buzzing noises.

It turns out, there's actually a workaround for this issue, and it's pretty simple! Here's the fix: just plug the headphones in, double-tap the Xbox button in the top center of your controller, then head to the settings gear. After that, you'll want to disable the "Headset Mic" option, then turn the "Mic Monitoring" setting all the way down.

Why is this necessary? It's actually the result of a strange move on Apple's part: While most 3.5 mm headsets use the tip, first ring, second ring and sleeve of the jack for the left ear, right ear, microphone and electrical grounding, respectively, Apple's headsets actually swap the grounding and microphone, resulting in that awful static sound you hear when mic monitoring is enabled.

Thanks to Twitter user @TylerQHall for the tip!

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