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Fallout Shelter throws crafting, parrots into the vault

Dwellers can get a clean shave, too

Bethesda Game Studios announced an update for Fallout Shelter that will add several new features to the mobile game later this week. Update 1.4, which the company referred to as "the biggest update yet" in a press release, will add a crafting system, new room options and more to the mobile game.

Vault dwellers will be able to craft useful items from junk upon the update's release. Rooms like the weapon and crafting spaces will allow further customization and item creation.

To accommodate the new crafting option, lunchboxes will now offer up junk to players to cobble into new items alongside other loot.

Dwellers will also be joined down in the vault by another type of pet: parrots. Also adding to the volume underground is the update's option to build barbershops, which will help give dwellers a new look.

Fallout Shelter will also reflect the actual time of day with Update 1.4, helping to liven up the Vault even more.

Bethesda didn't specify when this update — the game's first since 1.3 in December, when pets were introduced — would be made available to owners of the free iOS and Android game. Keep an eye on that download's arrival sometime this week.

Fallout Shelter's relative Fallout 4 recently received a new update of its own. That update launched in preparation of the console game's first expansion pack, which launches in March.

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