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Gods of Egypt director calls critics 'pack of diseased vultures' over negative reviews

Alex Proyas is not very happy right now

Gods of Egypt didn't just fail at the box office this past weekend; it completely tanked.

The film, which took $140 million to make, only made $14 million and was scorned by the majority of critics, including in our own scathing review.

Now director Alex Proyas has published a lengthy post on his Facebook page calling out the critics as a "pack of diseased vultures pecking at the bones of a dying carcass."

Proyas added that while he wasn't necessarily upset by the negative reviews Gods of Egypt received, he was tired of the "cowardly" critics who operated under a collective mindset. In the post, he asked for critics to "stick to their guns" and voice their "true opinion" instead of blindly scorning the film.

The director then went on to talk about the dangers of these types of reviews and the effect they have on the film from a financial standpoint and the effect on the directors themselves.

"And the first professional reviews of a movie can poison the well — so that people are frightened to drink from it," Proyas wrote. "I have seen that happen to many of my friends films recently and particularly to many original fantasy movies released in the past few years. So studios will probably stop making big budget original fantasy movies altogether."

Proyas penned two versions of the post, with the first being far less diplomatic in his approach to film criticism than the second. Those interested can read the original post here.

Gods of Egypt is currently playing in theaters.

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