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Peter Molyneux launches Godus spinoff, Godus Wars, in Early Access

But Godus is neither gone nor forgotten

Peter Molyneux's studio 22 Cans has launched Godus Wars on Steam Early Access —€” but the title is not meant to replace its long troubled release Godus. Instead, the real-time strategy game is a standalone title with a stronger focus on combat.

Godus Wars is available as a free download to those who already own the crowdfunded Godus, which launched in 2013. Total newcomers can purchase Godus Wars for $14.99, and will receive the original Godus as a bonus with their copy of the spinoff.

The development team clears up the differences between the two titles in an FAQ on Godus Wars' Steam page. Molyneux envisioned Godus as two separate games from the start, the FAQ states, "one tranquil, peaceful and the other war-like with bloody battles taking place across the unique lands."

Godus Wars falls into the latter category. Players of the initial version of Godus took issue with that game's distinct lack of fighting, amidst myriad other problems with the title, which had players assume the role of a godlike figure.

Molyneux went further in a personal letter on the Godus Wars page, which now stands as the only Godus-related store listing on Steam, having absorbed that of the earlier release.

"Why don't we change Godus into a RTS style game with God-game capabilities and landscape modification, a RTS game with a huge amount of variation and power, the ability to approach each battle in a different way?" he wrote of the impetus behind Godus Wars.

In its Early Access build, Godus Wars features playable deitites who lead armies across transforming maps. One traversable continent is available, with another coming as paid downloadable content. Godus Wars is also expected to add multiplayer later on in its development.

The game also features Bryan Henderson, who won a contest to be made the "god of gods" in Godus, an appearance that has yet to be added to the game. Henderson is featured as a deity later in Godus Warsaccording to Eurogamer, which last year profiled the seemingly forgotten teen.

Unlike Godus, which 22 Cans and partner DeNA intend to release on mobile, Godus Wars is exclusive to Windows PC, Molyneux told Eurogamer in a revealing interview. Along with a discussion of his Godus projects, Molyneux talked to Eurogamer about the 2015 incident that led to his self-imposed exile from the media.

Just last week, Molyneux's Twitter account was hacked, sending out messages that indicated the veteran designer's seeming intention to retire.

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