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Scare PewDiePie and more YouTube Red shows premiere next week

YouTube Red members, take note

YouTube Red's first original programs will premiere on Feb. 10, according to the platform's blog. The trailer above offers a taste of the new, upcoming content.

Among the debut titles are Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team and Scare PewDiePie, starring the massively popular streaming personality. These programs and their compatriots are referred to as YouTube Red Originals and will be exclusively available to those with Red subscriptions.

While Scare PewDiePie is a new reality series from the content creator, the other three Originals are feature films. The YouTube Red Originals channel offers clips from these four to start and will feature announcements of forthcoming content, as well.

Along with the Originals, YouTube Red offers ad-free viewing on the streaming service at a cost of $9.99. The subscription plan launched in October, and parent company Google confirmed PewDiePie's involvement alongside Red's reveal.

Felix Kjellberg — his given name — launched a video service of his own last month. Revelmode will feature new and original content from PewDiePie, Markiplier and other YouTube celebrities, with plans to delve into other media realms (like music and video games) in the works.

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