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Mario Party invading Japanese arcades later this year

Throw yourself a Mario Party-themed birthday party at the arcade

Mario Party is heading to Japanese arcades this summer, and Capcom is hosting. The developer launched a website for Mario Party: Mysterious Challenge World today, which will make its official debut at the Japanese Amusement Expo on Feb. 19.

Mario Party's arcade iteration will allow six friends or strangers to become sworn enemies across a set of minigames. It will also feature boss events and the option to play as a variety of Mario characters, similar to its console counterpart.

The key difference with the arcade version is its housing: Capcom has conceived of a circular, roulette table-style set-up, with six touch panel-bearing cabinets convening around a projector.

More will be detailed later this month, including a firm release date for Mysterious Challenge World. No Western launch is said to be in the works yet, however; Mario Party fans must stick to Mario Party 10 on Wii U for now, a game we had some fun with back in 2015.

While this is Mario Party's debut romp in the arcade, Mario himself is familiar with the space; Mario Bros. started out as an arcade game, and other spinoff franchises like Mario Kart have also received dedicated cabinets. Namco's Mario Kart Arcade GP DX even made it into venues overseas in 2013.

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