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Nintendo reveals the most popular amiibo of 2015

Japan's list looks quite different than America's

Nintendo tuck a list of 2015's best selling amiibo into its quarterly report, which the company released yesterday. The chart below shows which 10 amiibo sold the most figures worldwide over the course of 2015.


Figures based on Splatoon characters remain Japan's most popular, while none of the three amiibo made even a dent in America's list. In a presentation for investors yesterday, the company noted the discrepancy before further analyzing the Japanese Splatoon phenomenon.

Initially, supply was unable to keep up with demand for the amiibo; sales during the first and second quarters of 2015 were less than half of the heights reached in the third quarter alone, according to a chart included in the presentation. Sales numbers doubled after production was increased for the Splatoon toys, which launched alongside the Wii U game in May 2015.

Low production numbers, leading to their rarity and increased market value, are not unheard of for amiibo. Even so, the figures continue to sell incredibly well. Nintendo has sold 31 million amiibo to date, according to its quarterly report.

The most amiibo ship to American stores, which has held true since Nintendo's last financial report. American gamers are big fans of The Legend of Zelda figures, according to Nintendo. Europe, the second largest region for amiibo, share Japanese and American Nintendo fans' predilections; Europeans were also big fans of Yarn Yoshi.

We here at Polygon have taken a liking to amiibo ourselves. For a look at — and taste of —€” just what we like about some of the more popular toys, check out the premiere episode of our amiibo review show below.

You can listen to this story — and many more — in the episode of Polygon's daily news podcast, Minimap, below..

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