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Adam West to finally guest star on The Big Bang Theory

Holy smokes, Batman

It was only a matter of time before Adam West appeared in an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

The actor, best known for his work as the caped crusader in the original Batman series from 1966, will make an appearance on The Big Bang Theory on Feb. 25 for the show's 200th episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

West, who has been a recurring topic on the show, will play himself and join actors like Sarah Gilbert, Cristine Baranski, and Wil Wheaton who will also play himself.

There's no word on how West will be incorporated into the episode, but it appears this will be a one time event. West will join the ranks of other genre icons like Stan Lee, George Takei and Leonard Nimoy after guest starring on the show.

The Big Bang Theory is currently in its ninth season and has maintained its spot as one of the highest rated shows on air for the past few years.

The show airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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