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Hello Kitty's Magic Apron is a disturbing mashup of Elite Beat Agents and Cooking Mama

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If you saw Hello Kitty's Magic Apron on the Nintendo eShop, you probably wouldn't think twice about it: just another budget children's game, maybe with some light cooking elements, right?

Wrong. Hello Kitty's Magic Apron combines the gameplay of Elite Beat Agents and Cooking Mama and sprinkles a heaping helping of recipes sung aloud in charmingly clumsy Vocaloid English. The resulting music, while often extremely catchy, can also be sometimes pretty harrowing. (We're still thinking about that tempura song.)

Above, watch as we dive headfirst into everything Hello Kitty's Magic Apron has to offer, and return as two changed individuals. Hello Kitty's Magic Apron is available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $19.99.