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Here's what's new in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

The Wii U remaster is no straight port

When The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess comes to Wii U next month, it will offer several new features, which Nintendo detailed in a press release today. The trailer above offers a quick look at the additions to the game.

Twilight Princess will boast a new set of high-definition graphics, as previously seen, but Nintendo confirmed that the game will also offer offscreen play on the GamePad.

Also unique to this version of Twilight Princess: Hero Mode, which ups the challenge by doubling all damage and eliminating heart drops. This more difficult option is available upon starting a new game.

Link will also have access to a new item, called the Ghost Lantern, which makes it easier to identify and collect ghastly souls for a certain quest. Link's wallet has also been expanded to hold more rupees.

The game launches on March 4, and all physical copies come with a new Wolf Link and Midna amiibo. Amiibo add extra changes to Twilight Princess, such as access to new areas and, when using the Ganondorf figure, further increased difficulty. Nintendo notes that when using the Ganondorf amiibo in Hero Mode, Link will take quadruple damage.

Watch us play the HD edition of the game from the beginning to tide you over. For those who can't get enough Twilight Princess, though, remember to check out the new manga adaptation, which begins its run next week.

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