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Frinkiac is a Google-like search engine for Simpsons screenshots

It's time to make all of the memes

Much like how Giphy helps track down the perfect gif to use in any scenario, the newly created Frinkiac will help users find the exact Simpsons screenshot they've been searching for.

The project, which was created by developers Sean Schultz, Allie Young and Paul Lehrer, allows users to input any quote from the show and find the matching screenshot.

Once the screenshot is found, users have the option to create a meme out of it. The quote is pasted onto the corresponding screenshot which can then be saved as an image file.

According to one of the developers, Frinkiac is based on a system that "parses episodes and generates screen captures." He added that the search engine then tries to figure out which are the most relevant screenshots based on the quote being looked up.

Frinkiac also gives users information on what episode and season the screenshot is from, as well as context for the quote in the shot.

As of right now, the search engine only allows users to look up screenshots from the first 15 seasons. The developers haven't said if they plan on incorporating any of the more recent seasons.

For a more technical breakdown of how the search engine was built, check out their developers blog.

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