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Cartoon Network launches mobile game from Steven Universe, Regular Show artists

The channel's first original mobile release

Cartoon Network Studios has launched OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo — its first original mobile game — for iOS and Android devices, the network announced today. Indie studio Double Stallion co-developed the title based on a concept by Steven Universe producer Ian Jones-Quartey and collaborator Toby Jones, storyboard director on Regular Show.

OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo wears those influences proudly, combining the fantastical fights of Steven Universe with the offbeat humor of Regular Show. Cartoon Network, however, is dedicated to expanding the free mobile title (which has no microtransactions) into a game franchise, not an animated one.

Along with today's launch, the company will host a game jam based upon Lakewood Plaza Turbo and its cast of superhero fighters. From Feb. 12-14, 200 indie designers will convene in Portland, Oregon to create prototypes of future games in the series. Cartoon Network stated in a press release that these builds will "inform future iterations of the property," with the winning team's design becoming a full-fledged game.

While Cartoon Network is emphasizing its latest IP as a game first, Lakewood Plaza Turbo is also the subject of a series of animated shorts. These videos are animated by various studios, which Cartoon Network hosts on its website for viewing. You can watch the first of these shorts above.

Several of the cable channel's animated series have translated to the gaming space in the past. We named Steven Universe: Attack the Light one of the best games for new iOS users, for example, and Adventure Time recently received its first virtual reality title.

Correction: The name of the game is O.K. KO! Lakewood Plaza Turbo. A previous version of the article mixed up the words in the title; the error has been amended.

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