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Star Wars: Bloodline will focus on Leia's move from princess to general

Will explore her family's past and future

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Family memories and a haunted past are the main themes that author Claudia Gray will explore in her upcoming novel, Star Wars: Bloodline.

Gray told USA Today that the events in the novel take place years before The Force Awakens and follow Leia's transition from princess to general.

Leia will be a senator in Bloodline, and a large portion of the book will focus on helping the new generation of senators and lawmakers remember the importance of the Rebellion and the devastation the Empire caused. Gray said the book would take place decades after the fall of Darth Vader, at the height of a peaceful New Republic.

Gray also confirmed that Leia's family would play a large part in the book and in the development of the senator. The author said that while the novel isn't just about Leia as a mother or sister, there would be disastrous developments from within her own family. It's a theme, Gray said, that would have "pretty far-reaching repercussions for several characters."

Star Wars: Bloodline is a direct follow-up to Star Wars: Aftermath, written by Chuck Wendig. Aftermath was released last year before The Force Awakens.

Bloodline will be released May 3, and an excerpt of the novel can be read on USA Today's website. For more Star Wars reading material, check out this list Polygon put together of everything available right now.

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