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Peter Molyneux's Godus Wars won’t feature paid DLC after outcry

Fans don't want to throw more cash at Godus, 4 years later

22Cans released Godus Wars, a spinoff of the troubled Godus, on Steam Early Access earlier this week, but the developer has already changed its mind on offering premium add-on content.

In an update for the game's Steam community, 22Cans CEO Simon Philips confirmed that the previously announced additional paid DLC would be made available to players for free instead.

"Its [sic] been brought to our attention that the extra content being a premium add on really isn't a popular choice," he wrote. "Whilst we think that it does represent good value, especially considering that Godus Wars has been delivered as a free update to hundreds of thousands of users and the lower purchase price of the main game we understand previous Godus owners frustrations with this."

Godus Wars, which was given away to existing Godus owners and includes the original game for new buyers, will now receive extra content at no expense to players.

22Cans, which was started by Lionhead Studios founder (and notably media-averse) Peter Molyneux, mentioned the addition of a second playable continent as a premium update for Godus Wars in its initial announcement of the game. Reviewers did not take kindly to the news, nor did the game's community members.

Buyers also directed complaints at Molyneux and 22Cans regarding the removal of Godus proper from Steam following the release of the more combat-oriented, real-time strategy game Godus Wars. Comments cite the game's infamous Kickstarter campaign and subsequent lacking release as cause for concern about Godus' future.

Despite Godus Wars replacing Godus' Steam page, 22Cans insisted that the original game is still in development —€” as it has been since 2012. The studio first launched a beta for the game in 2013; it's since been made available in a basic edition on mobile platforms.

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