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Steam's streaming video library now includes Naruto

Viz Media's Steam debut

Valve offloaded a selection of anime onto Steam's streaming movie collection yesterday. A number of English-dubbed movies based on the series Naruto are now available to rent or keep, marking the first time anime has been included in the platform's video library.

There are 10 Naruto films available on Valve's platform; the only film based on the franchise not offered is Boruto, a 2015 release that takes place after the manga and television series. Fans can rent each one for $3.99 or purchase them for $12.99, although a 30 percent discount off the standard price is currently being offered. That promotion ends March 1.

The release of the movies — based on both the original Naruto and its follow-up Naruto Shippuden — coincided with that of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, which also launched on Steam Feb. 4. That game won't come to consoles until next week, hitting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Feb. 9.

Steam is best known as a marketplace for games, although it does sport a sizable movie catalogue. Other films available are the full Mad Max franchise (including our favorite film of 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road), Kung Fury and Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. (Strangely, Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary that premiered on Steam, is listed under the indie video game category.)

This is the first time that a major distributor like Viz Media has partnered with the service, however. In a press release, the company's vice president of animation, Brian Ige, suggests that this won't be the last.

"We look forward to the future of this partnership," he said.

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