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Here’s how you can celebrate Pokémon Day later this month

Pokémon's going all-out for the big 2-0

Pokémon turns 20 years old on Feb. 27, and The Pokémon Company has announced several of the birthday plans it has in store for the franchise. Various retailers will offer special promotions in honor of what has now been dubbed Pokémon Day.

Toys R Us will offer unique Pikachu and Magikarp cards to visitors on Feb. 27 for free, along with a Pokémon activity book and poster of the first 151 monsters in the series. An exclusive Pokémon card binder will also be available to shoppers at an additional price.

At GameStop, all Pokémon-related purchases will come with a poster celebrating the franchise's mythical creatures, coinciding with the retailer's current Mew download distribution event. GameStop also has a Mew plush on sale to go along with both offers.

The Nintendo NYC store — the new name of Rockefeller Plaza's rebranded Nintendo World, which re-opens Feb. 19 —€” will also host its own Pokémon Day festivities, with details to come closer to the date itself.

These events come in addition to the previously confirmed Virtual Console re-release of the original Game Boy gamesNew Nintendo 3DS bundle and yearlong legendary downloads. It will also receive its own spot during Sunday's Super Bowl. There are also new games on the schedule for 2016; Pokkén Tournament launches on Wii U March 18, while Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo arrived on Japanese Nintendo 3DS systems earlier this week.

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