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Spend a Night in the Woods this fall

The gorgeous game sets course for later this year

Night in the Woods, the darkly beautiful adventure game, will launch later this fall, its developers announced.

The game's official Twitter account confirmed the release window, then launched into an explanation of sorts for the fall date.

We named Night in the Woods one of our most anticipated games of 2016. The game tells of its anthropomorphic cat protagonist's return home after dropping out of college; time is divided between the mundane and the supernatural.

Most striking throughout the successful Kickstarter project's trailers and playable teaser side stories is the art style. That's the work of animator Scott Benson, who makes up one-third of the tiny development team.

Austin, Texas-based studio Finji will distribute Benson and collaborators Alec Holowka and Bethany Hockenberry's indie adventure game. It's been in development since the fall of 2013, when its crowdfunding campaign reached its goal in just 26 hours. The game was initially pegged for a 2015 release. 

Night in the Woods will be available for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Watch its debut PlayStation 4 trailer below.

Correction: Bethany Hockenberry's last name was misstated. The text above has been amended to correct the error.

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