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Street Fighter 5 cinematic trailer has hardcore music and … Evil Ryu?

Ryu sure doesn't look happy

Capcom released a full-length trailer for Street Fighter 5, showing off the fighting game's computer-generated cast to the tune of an appropriately fist-pumping soundtrack.

You can watch it above to see more than three minutes of characters like Ryu, Chun-Li and newcomer Rashid get ready for action. There's more than just the expected glamour shouts of these fighters, though; fans have taken some of what's on display to be hints of Street Fighter 5's hidden content.

Street Fighter veteran Ryu is seen breaking into some intense fits of anger throughout the video. Those well-versed in Street Fighter lore took to calling out these moments in the comments as implying that Evil Ryu will be in the game.

Capcom hasn't confirmed that the malevolent version of the fighter will be included on the playable roster or featured in the overall game. The company also hasn't said that Necalli, who's featured prominently in the trailer, will be Street Fighter 5's final boss; despite this, commenters have taken his increased screen time above as a possible sign that he'll be the one to beat at the story mode's end.

Street Fighter 5's story mode will be offered as free post-launch content. That cinematic feature — a first for the franchise —€” will be available as part of a June update. The game itself launches on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on Feb. 19.

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