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The Hitman beta tells the story of how 47 got his start

Go back to where it began

The beta for Hitman gets going on Friday, and this trailer Square Enix put out to promote that launch explains what testers will be doing in it: namely, working through the missions that started Agent 47's employment with his shadowy agency.

The beta will be set in a "top-secret recruiting and training facility" operated by the International Contract Agency, whose management you hear in the voice overs. It looks like 47 will be practicing on live targets, too, and donning a variety of costumes, from a Steve Jobs turtleneck to a Captain Stubing uniform.

Beta access to Hitman depends on pre-ordering the game, which will roll out episodically. Individual chapters (comprising a series of missions in a location) will cost $15 for the debut and then $10 for subsequent episodes. It's $60 to buy it all up front. If you'd rather wait to see how this performs before laying down coin, the first episode launches March 11 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, with some exclusive content for PS4.

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