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Cookie Clicker gets its first big upgrade in nearly three years

There goes the rest of your week

Cookie Clicker developer Orteil launched version 2.0 of the compulsively playable game today, marking the first major upgrade since its 2013 launch.

Additions to the second version of the infinite clicker game include new building types, a completely remade ascension system, new sounds, "mysterious new features" like offline progression and "a couple more upgrades and achievements, probably," according to its version history. Many of these were first available to players of the Cookie Clicker beta, which has been steadily upgraded over the last three years.

Cookie Clicker first made a blip on gamers' radars three years back. Those who tried out the free game — which requires players to repetitively tap a giant cookie, to increasingly bizarre effect —€” were compelled to question whether it truly constituted a game at all.

It's since found its fair share of devotees, and Orteil has been releasing new features and content for the superficially simplistic game ever since. The developer has also created other, similarly avant-garde projects to play in your browser, like 2014's Game Generator.