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The best Pokémon movie is now streaming online for free

Cry with Pikachu all over again

Pokémon: The First Movie is now streaming on Pokémon TV. The franchise's Twitter account first made fans aware of the addition earlier today; the film is now available for free in its entirety.

Pokémon TV is the official Pokémon streaming service and is available both online and as an app for iOS and Android devices. While the website hosts a number of the more recent films, as well as a variety of episodes from the various Pokémon anime, the app version of Pokémon TV has a more limited selection. Pokémon: The First Movie, however, is currently among the Pokémon TV app offerings.

The 1999 film recently made its way onto iTunes, albeit at a cost, and is also up to purchase or rent on Amazon or Google Play. Other films in the series, as well as episodes of the anime, are also available on those services, along with Hulu and Netflix.

When The First Movie debuted in theaters, it came with a short film attached; Pikachu's Vacation is not included with the title on the Pokémon streaming service. Regardless, this marks the only way to stream the fan favorite without a subscription, so there's not much to complain about.

The Pokémon Company is celebrating its titular franchise's 20th birthday all yearlong, and The First Movie's addition to the site's video library is its latest move to honor the series. Later this month will see the re-release of the original Game Boy games on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, and just yesterday the company aired its first-ever Super Bowl spot.

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