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Firewatch shares a universe with Gone Home ... and BioShock?

Here's fun little Easter egg some of you may uncover while playing through Firewatch. Hidden within one of the game's supply caches (usually used to store map fragments and other trinkets) is a copy of The Accidental Savior by Terrence L. Greenbriar. If the book seems familiar to you, it's because it first appeared in Fullbright's Gone Home. The book is part of a series written by the protagonist's father, a frustrated novelist.

This would seem to indicate that the two games take place in the same universe, which is doubly interesting because Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor has previously stated that the developer "very lightly implies" that Gone Home takes place in the same reality as BioShock. Gaynor's team has also inserted a small reference to Firewatch into the console version of its game.

Obviously, these sorts of nods aren't important for their narrative implications so much as a way for developers to reflect their games' lineage. Still, it's fun to think about the implications, provided you don't fall down a Tommy Westphall-esque wormhole.

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