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Johnny Depp joins The Invisible Man in main role

Universal's Classic Monsters Universe gets another star

Universal is bringing the crème de la crème of Hollywood to its classic monster resurgence series, adding Johnny Depp to its newest remake, The Invisible Man.

According to Deadline, Depp has signed on to play the lead character, Jack Griffin, in the film which is based on H.G. Wells' novella of the same name. In the novella, Griffin is a scientist who's become obsessed with optics and discovers a way to alter the refractive index of the human body so it effectively becomes invisible. He experiments with the formula on himself only to find out that he can't reverse the effects of his discovery, leaving him permanently invisible.

Depp is the second major actor to join Universal's Classic Monsters Universe, a new cinematic world akin to Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Tom Cruise was recently announced as the star in the studio's upcoming Mummy remake.

Although there's no release date attached to The Invisible Man, Cruise's Mummy feature is set to hit theaters June 9, 2017.

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