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Battlegrounds hopes to deliver a little Power Stone to Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity may not be getting an upgrade to 4.0, but it is getting something that might be even better: a Marvel fighting game.

Due out March 15, the Marvel Battlegrounds playset brings four-player brawling to the open-world game creation title.

Disney Infinity's John Vignocchi likens the brawler to Capcom's Dreamcast fighting game Power Stone.

The playset, which only works inside Disney Infinity 3.0, includes support for all previously released Marvel characters, as well as upcoming Marvel figures. That means it will have a roster of more than 25 playable fighters.

Disney is also releasing a slew of new figures alongside the playset.

Ant-Man, Black Panther and Vision will all be in costumes inspired by the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War, which premieres May 6. The playset comes with Captain America: The First Avenger, who will also be in a Civil War-inspired costume.


Along with the new characters, Disney will be releasing a Battlegrounds-themed Power Disc Pack. It includes:

  • Cosmic Cube Blast – Unleash a powerful energy blast on nearby foes

  • Darkhawk's Blast – Blast obstacles with a powerful energy beam

  • Nova Corps Strike – Call upon the Nova Corps to unleash a tactical strike from above

  • Ghost Rider's Motorcycle – Take a ride on the wild side with Ghost Rider's flaming motorcycle

Marvel Battlegrounds, developed by United Front Games in partnership with Avalanche Software, will include destructible environments and a light story that has villains and heroes fighting to gain control of Wakanda's Vibranium.

The playset will include a dozen levels in eight "dynamic" arenas.

Make sure to check our full rundown of the news and what it means to the franchise.

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