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The Division debuts in a week, prepare yourself with its launch trailer

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Defeat the gangs of New York to take back the city

Tom Clancy's The Division arrives a week from today, and you can get caught up on the game's story and setting in a launch trailer released today by publisher Ubisoft.

The Division takes place in a post-pandemic New York City, with chaos reigning in the aftermath of a virus that has decimated the city's population. The game's title refers to a plainclothes military unit that is activated in an attempt to restore order. The Division plays out in a one-to-one virtual recreation of midtown Manhattan; the pandemic has cut off access to the other boroughs, even though we've seen them in previous trailers.

Developer Massive Entertainment has run multiple betas for The Division, with the most recent one, an open beta last month, drawing more than 6 million players. You can check out our beta impressions, which included thoughts on the Dark Zone PvP mode, in the video below.

The Division launches March 8 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. It was announced at E3 2013 and was originally scheduled to be released in 2015.