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Marvel dubs April 6 'Poe Dameron Day'

Celebrating everyone's favorite pilot

Marvel announced that April 6 is "Poe Dameron Day" and in celebration, have announced what that means for comic book readers.

April 6 marks the release date of the first installment in Star Wars' new Poe Dameron comic book series. Similar to what Marvel did when the canonical Star Wars comics launched last year, the publisher will be offering limited variant covers, BB-8 lithographs and other collectible items for the first wave of customers, according to Comic Book Resources.

The series, which is being written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto, follows Oscar Isaac's popular character from The Force Awakens. The events of the series take place before the film, however, and follow Dameron and BB-8 on various missions handed down to them and other Resistance fighters.

A list of participating comic book retailers in every city will be made available later this month.

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