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Game of Thrones releases animated shorts to refresh your memory

The writers behind Game of Thrones know that it can be difficult to keep track of who's related to who, which family is supposed to be in power and perhaps most importantly, who's alive and who's not.

To prepare fans for the upcoming sixth season, HBO has released a few animated videos that go over some of the history and lore of Westeros. The series, which includes 15 episodes in total, will focus on various families, regions and battles, and will be narrated by members of the cast.

Although only two episodes are available online right now, the rest will be included in the Blu-ray edition of the show's fifth season. In the first video, Ser Barristan Selmy himself, Ian McElhinney, provides in-depth details about the fall of Aerys the Mad King and the rise of Robert Baratheon. Easily one of the most pinnacle moments in the series, the video is a great refresher, especially for those looking to start the show again from the beginning.

The second video explores the "Many-Faced God," which is otherwise known as the God of Death. It's a symbol with immense importance in the city of Braavos and will be explored much further this upcoming season.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO April 24.

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