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Even League of Legends pros are awful at the game sometimes

As a relatively new League of Legends player, sometimes watching the North America League of Legends Championship Series can be quite disheartening. These players and teams are, by and large, incredible, and it's hard to imagine ever having a fraction of that skill.

Other times, I find solace in the fact that even the pros have bad games. Sometimes, hilariously awful bad games.

Such was the case this past weekend, when the NA LCS' two lowest-ranked teams faced off in a match where they made virtually every mistake they could. The two teams were Renegades, who headed into the fight with only a single win and 12 losses to their name for the season so far, and Team Dignitas, who had a just slightly better four win/nine loss record.

The game begins with some incredibly awkward lane-swapping, as Renegades take a top lane turret and Team Diginitas take a bottom lane turret. It's not an abnormal thing to see in a pro League of Legends game, but it's handled sloppy. How sloppy? By four minutes and 35 seconds into the match, there have been four deaths ... and none of them were caused by an opposing team member.

Team Dignitas somehow loses two champions to their poorly timed tower push. Meanwhile, Renegades, rather than taking advantage of that poor play from their opponents, manages to lose two champions while trying to fight the Rift Herald enemy. It's a situation that's so hard to believe, that even the casters are left speechless.

I won't spoil any more of the match, but you can watch it for yourself in the video above. If you've ever felt bad about your own abilities at League of Legends, this should help. Be sure to stick around for a post-game interview where Renegades ADC Freeze explains how the team dealt with their rough early game mistakes.

And if you struggle all the time, be sure to check out this great video on how to avoid getting angry while playing.

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