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Watch us torture robots in virtual reality

Do androids dream of pain?

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Violence is a tricky thing in virtual reality.

You almost naturally recoil from hurting another human being when it feels like you're actually there, but that hesitation is lessened when you're killing a robot. There's also a technological reason for these soulless opponents: Robots are a good fit for the stylized worlds that help keep HTC Vive games running at 90 frames per second.

So you're going to find robots in a lot of games in virtual reality and, when you find them, you're likely going to be able to hurt them. So that's what we did. We hurt every robot we could find.

All footage for this supercut was taken from games played on the HTC Vive, and it was shot in the process of creating in-depth videos for a variety of virtual reality games. We didn't realize the trend of robot violence until later, and this compilation is the result of our findings.

Virtual reality may not be a safe place if you're made of metal.