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Watch Conan O'Brien's MMA debut against Conor McGregor in UFC 2

Forever clueless

Conan O'Brien premiered a new installment of his "Clueless Gamer" segment last night. In the video above, the talk show host faces mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor in EA Sports UFC 2, making his ringside debut.

O'Brien's fighter is an uncanny recreation of the lanky redhead, as is McGregor's — but while O'Brien had to create his character for the game, EA Sports has already included McGregor on the fighting roster. The MMA star earned a spot on the game's cover (alongside Ronda Rousey) by winning the UFC 194 competition in December, thanks to a partnership between Electronic Arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

To find out how O'Brien fares against McGregor, you'll have to watch the match for yourself. The end result ... likely won't surprise you, however. And, considering McGregor's loss at last weekend's UFC 196, it seems like the fighter deserved a win.

After they take each other on virtually, McGregor gives O'Brien a quick lesson in some real-life MMA moves. Whether they'll be useful to O'Brien or the viewer in UFC 2 when it launches on March 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One remains to be seen. Subscribers to EA Access will be able to check out the game on Xbox One a little bit early; it's available through the service starting today.

Check out our preview of the game for a longer look, including details on how it's changed from the previous UFC entry.

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