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Netflix's Luke Cage premiere date announced

Marvel's hero is headed to Harlem

Luke Cage, the third show in Marvel and Netflix's five-series deal, will premiere this September on Netflix.

Mike Colter, the actor who played the character in Jessica Jones and who will reprise the role for his own series, announced the date during last night's red-carpet premiere for Daredevil's second season.

"Daredevil premieres March 18, and I will see the fans on September 30," Colter said in a video interview. To see him talk about Luke Cage, skip to 2:18 in the clip above.

The first set photos for Luke Cage landed online in December, but not much else is known about the series. Based on his comic book character, however, and from what people have seen from Cage in Jessica Jones, he'll have to confront a dark past he's been trying to escape while defending the city he lives in.

To learn more about Luke Cage, read Polygon's explainer on the character here.