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Gravity Falls creator transforms presidential candidates into Pokémon

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You'll never see Charmander — or Bernie Sanders — the same way again

Alex Hirsch, creator of dearly departed cartoon series Gravity Falls, is keeping himself busy on Twitter with a new project: drawing presidential candidates as different Pokémon.

Here's Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders as Burnie the Charmander:

Donald Trump, the businessman-turned-reality-show-host-turned-Republican-frontrunner, makes for a suitable Muk:

Hirsch seemed to have the most fun transforming GOP Senator Marco Rubio into a Diglett:

But it's this rendition of red state Senator Ted Cruz as a Hypno, drawn by former Gravity Falls storyboard artist Dana Terrace, that Hirsch liked best:

The illustrations were made following the latest Republican primary debate, which was held in Miami last night. Another debate is planned for later this month, although Schmuck — err, Trump — said he might sit that one out.

The Pokémon series has kept similarly busy as of late. The latest game in the franchise, Pokkén Tournament, launches March 18. See our gameplay video below for more.