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The next Yo-Kai Watch game brings monster collecting to mobile

Yo-kais wobble but they don't fall down

Level-5 will launch a new game in the Yo-Kai Watch franchise later this month, the company announced. On March 24, the company will release Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, a puzzle game for iOS and Android devices.

The developer teased the game with the trailer above, although it doesn't show off any gameplay. Wibble Wobble, like its handheld predecessor, entails collecting various yo-kai characters, according to a press release. The key difference is that, instead of fighting monsters in turn-based battles, players will connect similar yo-kai across the touchscreen to match them up. Doing so unleashes attacks that clear the game board in order to progress.

yo-kai wibble wobble

Completing these puzzles is how players collect and befriend monsters. They'll also be able to fill up various gauges to unleash special moves against enemies. All of this action is belied by the game's cute, bubble-filled art style.

Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble — named for the "wib wob" forms of the characters, according to Level-5 — will be free-to-play but will contain in-app purchases. The developer didn't specify what these microtransactions will consist of.

The mobile game launched in Japan last October and has since been played by 6 million users, the company said in a press release. It joins Yo-Kai Land as the second mobile entry in the series that American gamers will get their hands on. That app launched earlier this year.

Japanese Yo-Kai Watch fans will also get a new RPG entry later this year, while those in the U.S. can look forward to more toys based on the multimedia franchise.

The next level of puzzles.

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