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Watch a baby beat a Street Fighter 5 story mode

OK, it's the easiest one — Birdie's — but still. Go baby!

The story mode for Birdie in Street Fighter 5 is so easy, even a baby can beat it. Really.

As first spotted by our friends at Kotaku, this here is the six-month old child of YouTuber PapaPaint. The new dad was playing some Street Fighter 5 while minding the kid and thought, hey, why not.

Lo and behold, baby beat ass galore through Birdie's three quick fights to complete this part of the story for proud PapaPaint. The tyke even managed to pull off a taunt in the first bout. Go baby! With your bad self.

Next up, Daigo Umehara, right? Don't worry, I'm sure he'll take it easy on you, kid.

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