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Cross-platform play coming to Rocket League as Xbox Live opens up to other consoles

Xbox One will support play with PC, PS4 and others, says ID@Xbox boss

Rocket League players on Xbox One will be able to play matches against PC gamers, with "an open invitation for other networks to join later," Microsoft announced this morning as part of an overall initiative to open Xbox Live up for cross-platform multiplayer across all services.

"Of course, it's up to game developers to support this feature, and Xbox Live players will always have the option of choosing to play only with other Xbox Live players," wrote Chris Charla, the director of ID@Xbox.

Psyonix said cross-platform support between Xbox One and PC would begin later this spring, with other platforms to follow. Rocket League launched in February without the cross-platform support featured on the PS4 and PC editions.

Microsoft's new policy means Xbox One users and Windows 10 gamers using Xbox Live will be able to play cross-platform multiplayer with users "on different online multiplayer networks — including other console and PC networks."

The announcement led a general update about Microsoft's ID@Xbox program for independent games. In other news Axiom Verge, the acclaimed Metroidvania indie game that launched last year on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, will be coming to Xbox One. A separate news release from creator Tom Happ said Axiom Verge would be coming to Wii U as well. No specific date was given, only "later this year."

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