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Star Trek fan film sued by Paramount for using Klingon language, Vulcan ears

And even yellow shirts!

The stakes in the ongoing battle between Paramount Pictures and Axanar Productions, the company behind a crowdfunded fan-made Star Trek film, have just been raised.

Paramount, who's suing Axanar Productions over their film, Axanar, for various copyright infringements laid out just what those infringements were on Friday, including the use of Klingon and pointy Vulcan ears.

In the 48 page document, uploaded by The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount accused Axanar and the film's director, Alex Peters, of ripping off various costume designs and visual effects that belonged solely to them. The document comes after Peters and his team filed a dismissal motion following Paramount's original lawsuit after alleging that neither the film studio or CBS — who own the rights to the original series — never specified which specific copyrights were being infringed upon.

Now, Paramount has gone out of its way to detail every single moment in any episode or feature film where similar images in Axanar appear, including the use of a yellow captain's uniform shirt.

The lawsuit, which was filed in December, demanded that the film be shut down immediately and should not be published. Because Axanar Productions raised more than $600,000 through Kickstarter and another $500,000 on Indiegogo for the film, Paramount alleged that it wouldn't be fair to their company or CBS for a group of fans to profit off of the companies intellectual property.

Peters posted a message on the production company's Facebook page when the lawsuit was first filed telling fans that he and his team had no intention of backing down from Paramount and were still planning to finish editing on the film.

While Paramount gears up for a battle in court, the company is also set to release its latest edition in the Star Trek franchise, Beyond. There's not much known about the film, but it's being directed by Justin Lin and will be released July 22.

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