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See and hear a music video made from the sights and sounds of Fallout 4

Made from the game's sound files

Anyone who has completed the main story of Fallout 4 will recognize every sound effect used to create this song, "Wasteland Cocktail," and some of these sounds will elicit a strong reaction. For me, it was the tick-tock of the Super Mutant Suicider's bomb. It triggers such unreasonable rage in me.

For others, it will be Preston Garvey talking about yet another settlement that needs help, followed by a very timely "god dammit!" which I've said a lot, too. (Thank God Proctor Ingram isn't asking about reactor coolant for the Prydwen.)

"Wasteland Cocktail" is the work of Bit Juice, and I suppose some of this could contain spoilers, as there is dialogue from the main character through some of the key scenes of the core storyline. There are also visual sequences from some key scenes, though out of context. This song is mainly a knowing nod to all who have logged a hundred or more hours in the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 launched in November, and it'll get a jolt this spring with its DLC plans, beginning March 22 with Automatron, a robot construction and customization toolkit that comes with an optional storyline mission to confront the mysterious Mechanist, who has set his robot creations loose upon the wasteland.

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