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Hearthstone offers more deck slots and deck recipes starting today

Plus it looks like a new alternate hero is on the way

While everyone's been talking about the just-announced Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, there's another big Hearthstone update that hit via a patch today. And it includes something players have been asking for since the game launched in 2014.

As of an hour or two ago, you can now create and choose between 18 total decks, double the amount that has been allowed previously. Along with this long-requested quality of life improvement, Blizzard has also implemented the deck recipes system that was announced last week. Deck recipes provide suggestions for fully-formed decks, including offering replacement ideas for any cards you don't currently own.

According to a report from HearthPwn, the patch also includes assets for a new paladin hero character, Lady Liadrin, who will seemingly be unlocked via a World of Warcraft promotion of some sort. This will be the first new alternate hero added to Hearthstone since an initial group of three were put up for purchase in June of last year.

It's been a busy week for Hearthstone. You can catch up on the results from this weekend's Hearthstone Americas Winter Championship tournament here, and read all about the new Whispers of the Old Gods expansion here.

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