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Watch 16 minutes of direct-feed gameplay from Grand Kingdom

Lead a mercenary guild into battle across four countries in this medieval fantasy RPG.

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Grand Kingdom is the next game from Tomohiko Deguchi, the mind behind Muramasa: Demon Blade and Grand Knights History.

As the commander of a guild of mercenaries, you direct your troops through turn-based tactical combat. Between battles, you guide your troop through a world map dotted with treasure, traps, and enemies.

Enemy troops, as well as your own, are also represented by a chess piece. The enemies move in pre-ordained paths, so you can engage with them, or avoid the chance encounters. Your assistants, Flint and Lillia, have vastly differing opinions on how you should proceed.

Flint is all about meeting enemies head-on and getting the prestige of a daring victory, possibly at the expense of lives. Lillia, the guild leader's daughter, is more cautious. She will urge you to dismantle traps or attack enemies from behind, even while it costs you time.

This 16-minute gameplay video shows off the lane-based combat in some pitched fights between your guild and the Feudal Lord's troops. Speaking of the Feudal Lord, I think he might've stolen Carmen Sandiego's outfit. Someone get ACME on the line.

Grand Kingdom comes out on the PlayStation4 and PlayStation Vita on June 21.

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