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Everything gameplay: playing as a planet, a strand of DNA and everything in between

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Last week, a surprise announcement hit the PlayStation Blog from 3D visual artist David OReilly: He's working on his second video game, titled Everything, with Mountain collaborator Damien Di Fede. The premise: a game world where players can be literally any object they see, from wild animals and trees to buildings and cars to strands of DNA and entire planets.

Today, Everything has made its first public appearance since last week's debut trailer, on the floor of San Francisco's Game Developer Conference. Above, watch five minutes of the world's first look at gameplay from Everything, in which we inhabit coins, islands, jelly beans, skyscrapers, tractors, a slice of pizza, and countless other objects.

Everything is coming out on PlayStation 4, with no release date announced yet. For more GDC 2016 coverage, check out Polygon's GDC storystream.

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