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How Pokkén Tournament blends two types of fighting games into one

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Pokkén Tournament is as tricky to describe as it is to initially play. It's a fighting game featuring Pokémon characters, but they way they actually fight is difficult to classify. Half of the battling they do takes place in a circular, 3D arena, where they unleash ranged and homing melee attacks in an attempt to bash one another into the game's other combat mode: Duel Phase. Dueling takes place on a 2D plane, where damage is increased and the fighter who initiated the phase shift can gain a leg up. Or a wing, claw or tail up, depending on the combatant.

If you're still in the dark on how fights in Pokkén Tournament work, you can watch me and Simone take on a few challengers in the Overview video above. Just be aware: We talk at length about Machamp's beautiful physique up in this video.

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