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Tyranny is the next game from Obsidian Entertainment

Another collab with Paradox Interactive

Obsidian Entertainment announced Tyranny, its next role-playing game, during a press conference held by publisher Paradox Interactive. The studio debuted the game with the short teaser above.

Tyranny is about making tough, morally gray decisions, Obsidian said during the press event. Players live in a war-torn world ruled by the evil overlord Kyros — who players can either serve or betray. Players have to consider the consequences of their choices as they choose to use their power as Kyros' underlings to rebuild the world or further destroy it.

Further details were scant, including a release date and platforms. Tyranny's official website promises further updates as it continues along in development.

This is the latest project that Obsidian and Paradox will work on together; Paradox published Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity in 2015.