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Start making VR games inside virtual reality right now with Unreal Engine

The ability to edit and create virtual reality games while inside VR comes to Epic Games' Unreal Engine today for anyone to use, technical director Mike Fricker announced during a press conference at GDC this morning.

The source code is available now on GitHub, and binary code will hit this June.

Editing in Unreal Editor is a one-to-one experience. Editors can move around the world by grabbing the world and pulling it, sort of like Spider-Man walking up a wall. You can also pinch and zoom objects or the whole world.

Pointing to one controller with another controller brings up menus in the VR world, which then let you select objects or functions and use them in real time. You can also go straight into much more robust tools like the material editor or blueprint visual printing in VR.

"This is really just the beginning, and we want to take you along for the ride," Fricker said.

The tech, which allows game makers to strap on a headset and be inside the game they're working on, was first shown off in February during a livestream. The livestream showed how Unreal Engine developers can use the game's editor in VR to develop content, moving and editing 3D objects with a "virtual iPad" interface.

"You're editing VR in VR," Sweeney said at the time. "It's a completely what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience. There's no question about what your game looks like."

"To see all of Unreal Editor in VR ... it's something I never thought possible when we started," Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe said.

You can watch the February presentation in the video below.

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