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Moon Hunters makes you into a legend, but your tale is short

We just wanted to talk to camels.

Moon Hunters is one of those games that feels incredibly vast, while also very small.

It's a point-and-click RPG from Kitfox Games, where you play a legendary hero trying to figure out what happened to the moon. You see, the moon was supposed to rise for your village's First Moon Feast but instead she was a no-show. As a respected hero, you're sent out to find her.

That basic premise is the same with every playthrough, as is the villain: sun cult leader Mardokh. But in between, any number of things can happen. The procedurally generated encounters and locations of Moon Hunters hint at a huge world full of opportunities.

In practice, it can be a little frustrating. The gameplay is limited to three in-game days, which are marked by your camping after clearing an area. So while I often discovered really interesting opportunities (cave full of blood!) I wasn't always able to pursue them. In every playthrough I was told that I could find someone who could teach me to talk to animals. I only broached that possibility in my fifth playthrough, but wasn't able to pursue it fully before my three days were up and I had to fight Mardokh.

It reminded Griffin and me a little bit of The Yawhg, and a little bit of Road Not Taken. One thing you definitely can't miss: the gorgeous art and music. I'm not the kind of person who goes wild for pixel art, but this game is an exception for me. Watch the video to see what I mean! It also showcases the game's environments, fast-paced combat, and the camel that I still can't talk to.

Moon Hunters is available on Steam for PC. You can play with up to four players, locally and online.

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